Packaging Machines

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Through our extensive worldwide Partner Network CAP systems are able to ensure that the correct equipment is supplied for your existing and future requirements. From the initial free review of your existing carton design, sizing, and usage our experienced Packing engineers will ensure that you invest in equipment that will return an acceptable ROI on an ongoing basis.

Many companies have automated there picking process but still employ a totally manual end of line packing system. By introducing automated packing equipment large savings in labour, consumables and shipping costs can very easily be realised. In many cases ROI can be achieved in under 18 months.

Our well established partnership with European packing machine manufacturer, e-3neo allows us to bring the leading B2B and B2C automated packaging systems directly to our customers. Our independence allows us to ensure that the correct machine is used in each application without any requirement to be tied into long contracts with corrugated suppliers etc.

The existing machine range includes:

  • Carton / Tray erectors
  • Lidding machines
  • Automatic carton reduction machines
  • Shrink tunnels

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